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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Let there be light

Well, since I came here to the US, I've been staying in my friend's apartment. About a week ago, I moved to my own apartment. Setting up and apartment is so much work. I had a hard time the first time I was here, and it is not easier now. You have to buy the bed, sofa, TV kitchen utensils and etc, etc, etc. Things you need to make your life more comfortable. Almost everyday I've been going to the department store (Wal Mart, Target) to get things. My visits to department stores seems endless. And today I just noticed that I don't have lights in my living room.

I've been reading in my friend's apartment and my bed room (which is very well lit) and I only use my living room to watch TV, so I didn't really care about the dark. Today I wanted to read in the living room. the balcony curtain was open, the window shutters were open too. All of a sudden it was a little diffecult to read. I thought was is wrong with my eyes, which have been bothering me for a couple of days actually, and I look out side and it's night already. I thought how stupid am I :p

Anyway, I have to go now. Have buy some heavy duty lights with extra brightness ^_^


Friday, August 17, 2007

Back in the USA

Well, I'm back in the US now to continue my studying and get masters. I just got here about a month ago and finally started to settle in. Things are going slow but that's ok, since I'm kind of lazy ^_^. There are so much reading. I guess all masters courses are like that.

well, I'll let you all go for now and I'll be writing soon.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

New at wikipedia

Every now and then I visit wikipedia and see what articles are featured. This morning The featured article is about wonderbra. For those of you who are interested in that subject and want to know more about the history of wonderbra go and check it out.

Better yet here is the link:


And don't worry about about nude pics or anything... There aren't any ;)



it seems to be working ^_^

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Need a Vacation

I got back from a 2 weeks vacation about 2 months a go, and I already feel that I need a vacation now. It's just that things are getting frustrating. You see people who don't deserve to be where they are in places you can't even imagine, and you work hard and nobody appreciates what you do.

I have't been working for a long time... Only a year and 6 months... And I already feel discouraged. People just don't respect and appreciate what you do and think that you are a machine that works any time they feel like it... I guess the best is to come. Well, I guess this is how things are here... Backward...

Oh well, better go to sleep

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Back to Reality

Well, I hope you enjoyed my last post. It came about when I was arguin with EXzombie about him not writing and only writing in his personal blog. He told me if I write somethign then he will too. But as you can see he didn't. Anyway, ma 3alena.

To tell you the truth I didn't know what to write about at all. EXzo suggested to write about anything. So I just sat infront of the computer and started writing. I kept going and going with out making any sense at all. Then I wrote something about Koko and it developed into what you now see as a post. after several revisions and deletions of un-needed parts The Mystery of Koko was born. And what an achievment it was. An achievement for me that is. I have been absent from the blog comunity since my last post. I haven't checked anyblogs since late november of last year. And writing this post was what brought me back ^_^.

It's good to be back. And I will try to write at least once aweek.

bye for now

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Mystery of Koko

Salam alaykom everyone... How are you all doing? Hopefully all of yous in good health. Some of you might have wondered how I've been and what I've been up to... Well, just the usual. Work, tv, internet, download, drinking coffee and green tea (I heard it helps to lose wieght)... Oh and did I mention dieting to lose weight (hehe it is not really working though). So, you know, just the usual stuff that you do everyday. I'm still alive hehe ^_^... I know it's been a long time since my last post here. i just wasn't motivated enough by my fellow "Das ist Fantastish" group members, starting from EXzombie and ending with Koko.

Now that Koko came to mind, just who the hell is this Koko guy??? I really don't know. Now, I'm having doubts that he really exists. I think he is a phantom name just for show... to add more names as contributors... takmilat 3adaad ya3ny.... I need the truth. Who is Koko? I'm sure you readers want to know also. We all need the truth. It is out there... Somewhere... And we need to dig deep down into the mysteries of this world to find out who is this Koko guy. I guess we will never know. Mybe only EXzombie knows, since he knows about "everything" and "anything" about nothing.... ^_^ .... With that much knowledge in his pocket ;p i think he could know about Koko. And if he doesn't let us all try to unlock this great mystery.

Let this be your goal in life for the time being. Everyday try yo find as much information about Koko as you can. Look everywhere. Look inside the tooth paste tube after you brush in the morning; look under the car seats after you get to where you want ot go; look under every rock you encounter when you are walking; look under your sheets and bed before you sleep... Look everywhere, and know, and belive deep down in your heart, that every piece of information you provide will help humanity to solve one of the greatest mysteries of all time.... The mystery of Koko :)